Graphic overview of the basic indicators on population

Data protection

Data collected in the Census 2011 will be exclusively used for statistical purposes.

Interviewers, trainers, controllers and other persons engaged in census-related activities are due to take care of the accuracy of entered information, i.e. accurate processing of the data given by data providers and to consider them as confidential.

According to Article 30 of the Law on the Census of Population, Households and Dwellings, 2011, a fine from 20.000 tо 50.000 thousands dinars is envisaged for any violation by the interviewers, trainers or controllers engaged in the Census if they:

– Do not perform timely and duly the activities of the Census;
– Request from the person covered by the Census to declare, against own will, her/his national affiliation or religion;
– Violate the confidential character of the data.

Persons authorized to carry out the Census of Population, as well as the employees in the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia, are due to keep the confidentiality of all the data collected in the Census during and after the latter.

The data that will be collected in the Census will be published or prepared for the users in the form of aggregates. This way identification data of interviewed person will be kept confidential.

Descriptive data will be protected from unauthorized provision, use and loss, destruction or correction.